Launch at the Our Ocean conference

Jo Øvstaas
November 29, 2019
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon visits Ocean Data Foundation at Our Ocean Conference

The Our Ocean Conference is focused on generating commitments and taking actions to maintain the sustainability of our oceans.

Since 2014, Our Ocean Conference has successfully generated commitments totaling around 18 billion dollars (USD) and 12.4 million square kilometers of marine protected areas.

The Ocean Data Platform (ODP) was officially launched at the conference and signals a major breakthrough in collecting and connecting ocean data for the public, industry, science and governments.

Today ocean data is often stored away in silos or is difficult to access for various reasons. By giving business, science, industry and the public unique access to this vast amount of information and inviting them to share their relevant data, we will be in a much better position to both preserve and maximise the natural wealth of the ocean.”

One of the biggest challenges facing global marine research is a lack of knowledge. There exists a number of smaller, but essential data initiatives and platforms in the world today, but no all-encompassing platform unifying them. The Ocean Data Platform is an initiative to change this, developed and operated by the supporting management company – the Ocean Data Foundation (ODF).

ODP will break down the walls between different data sources and contextualise the information in a common format. The information will be collected from a global network of public and private partners, creating a central knowledge hub that combines data from specialized databases. This is being fueled by powerful and proven Cognite Data Fusion.

The data will be publicly available, giving anyone who is passionate about solving the challenges facing the ocean the ability to create analytics services, applications and visualizations.

The goal is to improve availability, access and analysis of global ocean data, strengthen the conservation of ocean resources, furthering governance policies, research and creating sustainable business opportunities for the blue economy.

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Jo Øvstaas

Ocean Data Foundation

SVP, Head of Technology and Solutions at Ocean Data Foundation