Liberating data for one healthy ocean

The Ocean Data Platform (ODP) is an open and collaborative platform that harnesses the power of data liberation and contextualization for the people.

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The clock is ticking on our collective responsibility to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and central to SDG 14 for a healthy ocean is the need to increase scientific knowledge and marine research capacity. Opening the bulk of ocean data, and making it available in a user-friendly, standardized and interoperable format, is a must for sustainable use of the ocean.

The Ocean Data Foundation will be a key contributor to making this happen. Friends of Ocean Action has been working with REV Ocean to bring an ocean data platform to fruition and I am excited to see it coming to life. This is excellent timing ahead of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for us to improve knowledge and understanding of the ocean – to give it the best chance of reaching a state of health, abundance and sustainable use.

Ambassador Peter ThomsonUN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean and Co-Chair of Friends of Ocean Action
What we do

Liberating Ocean Data

As an independent, non-profit, non-compete foundation, the Ocean Data Foundation is enabling unbiased research and facilitate a data driven debate, leading to better decision-making about how to best conserve and use the ocean’s resources. We develop and operate the Ocean Data Platform.

It allows us to collect, categorize and provide ready-made, quality data – from and to people, industry and science. We are making ocean information accessible and useful for all.

Our mission

Connecting Data, People and Technology

The Ocean Data Platform is an open and collaborative data platform that harnesses the power of data liberation and data contextualization for the public, industry, academia, science, policymakers and governments. We are connecting data, people & technology to drive sustainable ocean governance and blue economy.

We are powered by Cognite Data Fusion one of the fastest growing software company in the Nordics.

Partner with us

Let’s join forces

We are nothing without strong partners. Partners that we can learn from, grow with and deliver value to. We are looking for partnerships with industry, science and government, who share our mission and are willing to invest the time, data and funding needed to make this common vision come through.

A revolution is always bottom-up. By giving everyone easy access to relevant ocean data, we hope to enable broad participation in a global, unifying system. One that is ambitious enough, in size and funding, to be genuinely effective. Factual enough to be relied upon. Transparent enough to be trusted. Independent enough to represent a shared cause.

Press release

Solving the ocean's problems and possibilities with data

Oslo |

Campaign: The Future of the Ocean. (In Norwegian)

"C4IR Ocean develops the world's largest and most inclusive digital infrastructure to make ocean data available and ensure a healthy and productive ocean.

We are the only Centre offering a digital infrastructure to develop solutions — we call it the Ocean Data Platform. It's built on Cognite technology that is already in use on the Norwegian shelf"

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Ocean Data Foundation signs partnership agreement to advance Ocean Leadership

Tromsø |

Ocean Data Foundation signed a partnership agreement together with REV Ocean and The Arctic University of Tromsø. The agreement will contribute to collective ocean research, education and innovation. In addition to a cooperation for a new Master’s programme in Ocean Leadership at The Arctic University of Tromsø.

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The Liberation of Ocean Data Begins Today

Oslo |

The Ocean Data Platform (ODP) was officially launched at the ‘Our Ocean Conference’ in Oslo today. This signals a major breakthrough in collecting and connecting ocean data for the public, industry, science, and governments


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9 - 10 March, 2020World Ocean Summit 2020
Tokyo, Japan
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13 - 18 March, 2020SXSW - Climate & Social Action
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4 - 7 May, 2020Offshore Technology Conference
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2 - 6 June, 20202020 UN Ocean Conference
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17 - 18 August, 2020Our Ocean 2020
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24 - 27 August, 2020The 6th International Marine Conservation Congress
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